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Data Maturity Curve:

Power your business’ ability to compete using data.

Webinar  Ran on Thursday, 2nd May 2019 | 1pm BST

Hear from Colin Smith, Partner at CambridgeData

Colin has led culture and data transformation projects for some of the most recognised brands including Google, Pepsi and LinkedIn.


Where does your business sit on the data maturity curve?

During this webinar, Colin Smith, Partner at CambridgeData, will discuss how leveraging the Data Maturity Curve empowers senior leaders in marketing, analytics, tech and L&D to define which behaviours and habits they need to build in order to create a data-driven, agile workforce, able to compete on data, not brand or budget.

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Thursday, 2nd May 2019
1pm BST


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Hosted by Colin Smith, Partner at CambridgeData

 See Colin’s credentials on LinkedIn.

About CambridgeData

Our mission is to empower the data-driven workforce.

We help business leaders embed a data-driven performance culture through initiatives that create learning and behaviour change. We have seen first hand that success lies with educating teams to help them solve their data challenges and not let siloed teams do it for them.