Training & Workshops


Who is it for?

Leaders and stakeholders looking to introduce or enhance a data driven and/or agile marketing approach

By the end of this workshop, participants will:
  1. Have codified all relevant KPI’s
  2. Be 100% clear and aligned on the business objectives in relation to data
  3. Have a clear view of all data sources, and have identified their storage options
  4. Have a roadmap for data preparation & modelling
  5. Have a shortlist of the correct analytics tools
  6. Have a brief for appropriate dashboards to surface data to all stakeholders
How is it delivered?

One day interactive workshop for all stakeholders delivered over one day, to ensure shared language, objectives and actions


Who is it for?

Anyone looking to understand the possibIlities, jargon, techniques and challenges of introducing data capability into their organisation.
Teams developing data and/or analytics teams in an existing business.
Anyone looking to transform their existing analytics team into an agile organisation.

By the end of this immersion day, participants will:
  1. Articulate the new consumer journey as a result of digital innovation
  2. Demonstrate agile methodology, with a specific focus on marketing functions
  3. Explore ways to use real-time data to inform planning and optimise campaigns mid flight
  4. Foster collaboration across different teams working towards the same goal by using Testboard
  5. Create an action plan for how to implement change back into the organisation
How is it delivered?

A one day face-to-face workshop . Participants complete a project together that runs through the programme, to support and embed techniques.