Tools & Resources

to improve collaboration


Maturity Survey

A quick way to find out what you and your co-workers think about the current data infrastructure and data culture in your
organisation. Quantify the gaps and get pointers for improvements.


To benchmark your starting position and assess how the team is evolving over the early weeks of progress, we study 12
critical dimensions of the cross-functional data team.

Example Exercise

Get warmed up! Here is a hypothetical business problem that everyone can grasp quickly. If you download this challenge
and follow our methodology, as long as your team has an analyst and business domain experts in it, you’ll find solutions.


Brief Template

How to get the best out of your analyst colleagues: begin by giving them a comprehensive brief – they really appreciate it.
Use this template to fully brief your data folks.

Insight Template

How to impress your co-workers with valuable, actionable insights that they can clearly understand and feedback upon.
Use this template to clearly signpost your method, insights and recommended test to your co-workers.

Feedback Template

Constructive feedback, well structured and with advice on what you’d like to see to improve upon the status quo is a fast
way to evolve the output of a collaborative cross-functional team.
Use this template to feedback to your co-workers in a positive manner.


When the template exchanges have been learned, but sending them by email has a significant overhead, start
collaborating on TestBoard where the templates are built-in and the feedback is easy to leave. Additionally, the whole
thread from original question to test results, can be archived to prevent your organisation ‘learning twice’.

Agile Andi

When you just want to call out a burning question and get it recorded on the backlog, because it’s a good question, but
you trust the team to fit it into their regular an robust prioritisation, you need a chatbot that can log it for you.

Apply here to
trial our beta ‘Triage Chatbot’.


We’ve created the templates above for embedding in Jira; so you can collaborate on an existing platform.


Some problems are big and hard to visualise; they need logics to break down into small, manageable steps.

Our canvass
helps your team to rationalise the steps required to achieve the calculation.


To keep our coaches on-track, to help them record their learnings, we continually republish our generic playbook for them
to adopt and adapt for their teams, always learning, always iterating.

Our Book

We’ve done so much work with data-focused cross-functional teams, tested so many agile techniques and learned the
habits of good and effective people, inevitably, we felt we should write it all up to share …