Transfer data skills to your team

Our coaches embed the skills, processes, tools & habits to your teams through scrum-mastering the workflow.

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The coach helps the team with the following activities:

Business Objectives

Be really clear about what the team is trying to achieve commercially.


Agree a hierarchy of Key Performance Indicators to focus optimisation efforts

Stakeholder Collaboration

Bring together the business and data folks in a rapid feedback cycle

Test & learn culture

Agree that testing hypotheses faster is the way to iterate commercial success

Incremental gains

Agree that iterating your way through incremental gains is the recipe for success

List & prioritise questions

Record ALL questions and hypotheses from internal and external sources – prioritise them

Flexible analysts

Deploy your data analysts on parallel investigations, this gives fresh perspectives

Data Access

Make all data always available; democratisation of data produces innovative tests


Always know your team’s numbers, get the dashboard on your smartphone

Weekly scrum, scrum-master

Improve ‘test & learn’ cadence with a weekly stand-up meeting

Download full details of our coaching programme

Already with us?

If you’re already working with us, you will have used our data maturity ScoreCard, have you reviewed your score recently? It will help you to highlight whether you are using all of our tools effectively, such as the briefing template, logic canvass, or the TestBoard workflow tool.