About Us

We love data, fascinated by what it tells you about consumer behaviour.

[We span out of an agency?]
Timeline…..[add this from TestBoard pages archive.]

We wanted to discover/uncover the value of data in organisations, especially charities, because it’s only a cultural perspective switch, not major investments in technology.
We consulted, we built teams, and a data studio, but we learned that it should be in-house and it is cultural… we wanted to train and coach.
We are always happy to spin up a collaborative team from our associates and our client’s co-workers, but it’s always embedded.
We have designed a number of tools like our logic canvass and Data Scientist briefing template ….and then we codified all of those learnings and built TestBoard to help everyone’s workflow.
We got Google Certified. and Scrum Alliance certified.
We started working with other consultancies, to educate their clients.