It was our pleasure to host a breakfast event coinciding with the global AI and data brainpower get together that is CogX. We hosted a discussion with over a dozen UK data leaders, joined by Dave Elliman from Thoughtworks and UCL Programme Director, David Alderton.

Here are the 6 bullet points that sum up the discussion

3 reasons why the data challenge is a people challenge

  • Getting people to embrace new, agile ways of working is hard.
  • The bar was raised for analysts. Are their skills still fit for purpose?
  • What stakeholders say they want and what creates business value are two different things.

3 technology challenges making our lives difficult/interesting

  • How can we move from prototype to product faster in a complex environment? 👈 this was the biggest discussion point.
  • The shift from analytics as a service to analytics as a product is difficult.
  • How do you achieve scale with hundreds of data points?

2 things that made us go “that’s interesting”!

  • Think about training up the younger, evidently more interested folks as ‘plants’ in the normal way of business.
  • If you’re struggling with too many data sources and data points, keep slicing and dicing the problem into as small a task or dataset as to still provide insight or value, but also, ensure it’s manageable.

See you next at DataIQ Summit on 27 June! Get in touch if you’re there.