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Our services embed data-driven habits
into your business

Maturity assessment

A comprehensive assessment of your data readiness. Recognise the defined stages of data-driven maturity – where your business fits, and what development is required to reach the immediate next stage.


Workshops target specific learning outcomes to effect change throughout the organisation. Covering all seniorities and functions. These can be tailored where required.

In-house coaching

Agile Data Coaches are embedded in your teams over a sustained period, to ensure that the desired behaviour becomes habit.

Our Mission is to empower the data-driven workforce of the future

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Our method assesses your strengths, develops knowledge & culture, to ensure change happens.

Cambridge Data did a fantastic job in embedding our new data-driven planning process across the whole organisation. Colin was calm, clear and clever. He understood the challenge, helped form the solution and then trained it with flair and a real commitment to excellence.

Anthony Swede
Chief Strategy Officer, Blue449 Publicis


Already with us?

If you’re already working with us, you will have used our data maturity ScoreCard, have you reviewed your score recently? It will help you to highlight whether you are using all of our tools effectively, such as the briefing template, logic canvass, or the TestBoard workflow tool.