Dashboards & Agile Marketing

KPI dashboards: a prerequisite of agile culture is metrics ‘at a glance’. I’ve recently started working with a very well known fast-food chain. In the early part of the program, one member of the marketing team told me that “there is a dashboard”. I haven’t yet been...

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Agile marketing: cadence & collaboration

The time is right for Marketing, IT & BI teams to move towards closer collaboration, to gain an increasingly joint ownership of the customer data, exploiting each other’s strengths in engineering, strategy, governance and insight to benefit the company as a whole....

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How cadence affects budget optimisation

Putting an agile method and data-driven marketing together creates faster overall budget optimisation In my last article, I referred to establishing a start-up marketing team with an agile operating method. I should confess, I skimmed over perhaps the most important...

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Do Data Scientists fail faster?

As companies invest in data science, productivity seems low on the agenda. Iterative, incremental gains to improve unwavering KPIs is more likely to deliver team success. I’m not saying data scientists are a lazy bunch, nor a disorganised bunch…………(though I’ve met...

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